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Primary Care Providers

As your colleagues, we share a mutual care for and devotion to our patients.  Often we rely on your breadth of knowledge.  Similarly, we hope to serve as a resource to you in the management of your patients' eye care needs.  The following is a summary of some frequently asked questions.

What is InfantSee?

What are the Driver License Requirements?

How often should my patient see an ophthalmologist?

I just diagnosed my patient with diabetes, when should they see an ophthalmologist?

Have another question?

If you have a general question that would be helpful to include in this section, please send us an email.  We hope to keep this an up-to-date and useful resource for you.  Questions regarding specific patients are best asked of your ophthalmologist.  If you have any problems locating an ophthalmologist in your area, please use our Find An EyeMD resources.  MAO members would be happy to answer your questions.