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Message From the President


The Minnesota Academy of Ophthalmology (MAO) is a professional association of ophthalmologists representing over 320 Eye MD’s. For over 100 years, MAO has focused our resources and activities to optimize high-quality vision care for all Minnesotans, both medically and surgically.

MAO prioritizes education for medical and surgical eye-care providers, encourages the exchange of ideas, fosters collaboration within our specialty, and embraces new research ideas and technologies that improve patient care. Also, MAO supports a strong annual educational program that applies rigorous evidence-based standards to ensure that our members are well-informed and practice according to current standards of care. Next, we are a resource for socioeconomic, legislative, and regulatory affairs. We work hard to keep our legislatures educated about safety and quality of care. Importantly, we proudly advocate in support of high-quality eye care standards for all Minnesotans.

Please help us in our goal to maintain the highest possible standards for our state . . . and the state of all Minnesotans Vision! For more information on the Minnesota Academy of Ophthalmology, please contact us.


Timothy W. Olsen, MD,
President, Minnesota Academy of Ophthalmology